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We Take DUI Charges As Seriously As You Should

Most people arrested for and charged with a DUI or OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) do not realize the severity that a conviction can present. As such, they think that they can just plead guilty or no contest, pay their fines and get on with their lives. A lawyer can help you to fight the charges, which may be important, as a DUI is a big deal. Here at the Law Office of David A. Chicarelli Co., LPA, we are proud to offer outstanding DUI defense representation.

Why Hire A DUI Lawyer?

Here are a few of the reasons to hire the best DUI lawyer when you are charged with a DUI:

  1. If convicted of a DUI/OVI, you will have a criminal record. Every time you go to apply for a new rental home or a new job, they will ask if you have been convicted of a crime, and you will now have to say yes. This can prevent you from living or working where you want.
  2. A criminal conviction can also prevent you from traveling to certain countries. In most states, you will lose your license for some time if you have a DUI, which can impact your ability to get to work or care for your kids.
  3. If convicted of a DUI/OVI, you face heavy fines that can cost thousands of dollars.

A DUI or an OVI are not small traffic convictions like some people think. They are criminal offenses that can impact your life both now and well into the future. A lawyer can help you to fight the DUI you are facing.

Facing A DUI Or An OVI? Set Up A Consultation.

We have the experience to protect your rights in a DUI case. Reach out to us today to discuss your case and let us come up with ways to defend you against your charges. Request your initial consultation by calling 937-743-1500 or by using our online contact form.