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Protecting Your Life And Future If You Face Criminal Charges

There are many reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney. If the court convicts you of the crime, you will have a criminal conviction on your record, could face jail time and have to pay fines. All this can impact your life as you know it and your life in the future. A great criminal attorney near you can help to fight the charges you are facing or get them reduced.

Have you been charged with one or more crimes? If so, the impact on your life can be huge if convicted. Law Office of David A. Chicarelli Co., LPA, is here to help you with the charges you face.

Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Defense Attorney

As you look to hire a criminal defense attorney, there are many important questions that you want to ask the criminal attorney near you. You want to ask them about their experience with cases like yours and what their win to loss percentage is. You want to ask what defenses they think they can use to help defend you against the charges that you are facing. You want to know what potential hurdles they think that your case may present. And of course, you want to ask them about the price. Do they charge a flat fee to defend you or will they be charging you by the hour to defend your case? Asking each of these questions and carefully listening to the answers can help lead you toward the best attorney to fight the charges that you may be facing.

Ask For A Free Criminal Law Consultation

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